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The Peculiar Case of Edward Fenwick

I'm lazy about uploading stuff on here. I'm really thinking about putting this over on blogger just so I can upload images and movies there, but we'll see. I have animmations I can put up as well... but I'll have to put those on youtube. boo.

Here's some concept work I did for Delirium, which got cut back in February. I am now on Drifters as the cinematic lead and animator. For now I have Delirium stuff to post!

Yes, I know the bear is messed up :P

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I'm alive

Here's a naked man I made in ZBrush. Well, base model in Maya, ZBrushed, retopologized in Maya, projected in Zbrush, UVed in Maya, textured in Photoshop and ZBrush. Woo. If anyone wants to see all the steps, I have it all screen capped for class.

He's not really finished to the point I want it due to time constraints, but this is what I had to turn in.

I've been doing a lot of stuff for FIEA, but so far this is the only thing I'd like to show art-wise. I've been doing too much rapid prototype art for our 2-week games, and let me tell you... planning, designing, creating, rigging, animating 4 different 3D characters in a week to work in a prototype game doesn't exactly turn into portfolio quality work. So yes, here is a naked man without his bits.

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The Little Mermaid... the Broadway Musical!

I kept forgetting to post this on here. I had more planned related to this, but lost the motivation.

from my dA description:

Mmm the color always ruins it.

I went to New York this past weekend and saw some plays and musicals; one being The Little Mermaid musical. While I loved the actual musical (well, the music/singing, and acting), the costumes and props were so freaking cheesy! Underwater, all the actors had those shoe-skate things on to have a gliding effect. However, to have that gliding effect, they all had to run a little then do the skating with one foot angled up like this and it always poked out of their skirts. It was a bit weird.

Which brings me to their legs. And tail. They had both. The tail was created with wires so it would sway when they moved their bottoms. It looked kinda cool when you couldn't see their legs (behind a plastic wave or rock), but that didn't happen very often XD
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First animation playblasts

This was my entire weekend.

I apologize for the shitty "editing" with Windows Movie Maker... only program I have on here :/ My flash stuff was rendered as a .mov file so obviously they won't work in WMM and I refuse to put any of my animation online without my name on it somewhere. I don't trust people, even if it's a shitty animation test. Gah. I'll put them on here eventually.

For some reason the last bit of frames are missing on both movies... I don't know if that's YouTube or WMM (I'm betting WMM), but yeah... there is more to both movies, but not much.

I think I took too much liberty and Darlene will probably hate them... not to mention the flying or something. I don't care, I was only given a weekend to do this basically.
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Art Dump

HW procrastination #1 fun with shaders

HW procrastination #2 (obvious feelings towards our broken iMacs)

First version of craptacular beat board, but I still like it. Sadly probably my best painting yet lol

Secret Project.
Just kidding, just more crap for We had to design a level, and just for kicks I put myself (as Eowen lol) in there since I have no patience with backgrounds.... you can see from the scribble. Alex finished shading it for me while I was working on sounds for THE BATTLE SEQUENCE RAWR. hahaha. BUT HEY! I got a free .hack OST for doing this stuff! (and buttons, and posters, and a -very large- shirt!)